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Who is Chicago Firefighter Departement (CFD)? David Quintavalle Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

David Quintavalle

David Quintavalle Bio, Wiki

David Quintavalle is a 62-year-old retired Chicago Fire Department (CFD) employee allegedly the man who was seen throwing a fire extinguisher at a police officer during the Capitol Protests on January 6, 2020.


As Congress and Senate held a joint session to approve the November 2020 elections on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, a group of indigenous terrorists raided the US Capitol. Five people, the Capitol Police officer, and four protesters were killed in the clashes. Another Capitol Hill Police died days after the protests due to suicide.


David Quintavalle Brother


There is no social media presence to confirm that Quintavalle is a Trump Supporter, but his brother, Keith Quintavalle, is not a Trump Supporter according to Facebook Posts. He wrote in March 2017,


“President Trump, you are sick and bad guy. You are not professional and you humiliate the office of President.”

The two brothers don’t seem to be in good terms if a 2017 Facebook post is something to pass. His brother Keith wrote that David had fraudulently bought and sold his mother’s property. Reads the post


Apparently my brother had fraudulently bought my mother’s house. He sold it and retired from the Chicago Fire Department on a decent salary. 72,000 a year not bad for a bum

Viral Video shows a Man Throwing a Fire Extinguisher at a Police

A video released by TMZ shows a man throwing a Fire Extinguisher towards a Capitol Police Officer. One of those who died in the riots was a police officer named Brian Sicknick after he was shot by a fire extinguisher. Quick moves were made to connect the dots and identify a possible suspect.


Chicago Fire Exams Protests


Quintavalle was among the protesters who were on the strike line after the promotional exams were canceled in February 2020 due to technical problems. Many carried signs that read “2020 exam fraud” on Wednesday, referring to the oral exams planned for the nearly 1,600 firefighters and 120 battalion chief candidates competing to become lieutenants. You can read the full article on ABC News here.


His son is a Police Officer


He and his wife, Cynthia, attended a rally in the South Side Mount Greenwood neighborhood of Chicago in August 2020 seeking support from the police. Cynthia and David Quintavalle’s 25-year-old son, a Chicago police officer assigned to patrol the streets of Englewood. “I watch him every day, I go to work, I pray he is home in the morning,” said Cynthia Quintavalle.


“There’s so much stacked on them by these protests, the stuff thrown at them, the fireworks, everything else, and they sit down and take it because they’re real professionals,” David Quintavalle said.