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Army Member Is Accused Rockford Bowling Alley Mass Shooter: Duke Webb Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Duke Webb Biography

Duke Webb Bio, Duke Webb Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Duke Webb is an active duty member of the U.S. Army who was named by authorities as the suspect accused in the mass shooting at Don Carter’s bowling alley in Rockford, Illinois. Three people were killed, and three others were injured. “We believe this is a completely random act,” the police chief, Dan O’Shea, said in a December 27 news conference.

Police are in contact with the US Army about Duke Webb. He faces three murders and three murder attempts. According to the chief, when the police arrived he tried to hide himself. O’Shea said the reason is unclear, but the suspect is not believed to recognize the victims who have not yet been named by the authorities. The reason is not clear yet.

This morning my heart is heavy. Last night Rockford lost another great legend Jerome Woodfork , if you knew Jerome, then…

Posted by Jermarrion Simmons on Sunday, December 27, 2020

Witnesses described a sad scene where people were hiding from the gunman on an upstairs bar balcony. “Trapped on the balcony,” wrote one traumatized woman who said she was there.

Amateur Bowlers Co. Jermarrion Simmons, CEO / President, named one of the victims Jerome Woodfork in a tribute he gave on Facebook. He wrote:

If you know Jerome, you know it was never a dull moment when he was around, he was a dreaded opponent, a great bowler and a great friend. Ever since I started bowling 10 years ago, I have had the privilege of getting to know Jerome, he has always pushed me to be better and has always been giving me valuable life lessons. I have always been told to be confident, strong, and never give up. Jerome wasn’t your ordinary bowler, he knew you could win and beat anyone on any day, and he’d let you know and he knew he could support himself. That’s why many respected him. Jerome man, you will be missed by everyone, we love you and I want to thank you for influencing my life in so many ways. High dude.

Police said the workplace also hosts a transport restaurant and that young people injured in the mass gunfight were there just to buy food.

“UPDATE: 37 year old white male suspect in custody. Rockford police tweeted on the evening of December 26th.

Two hours ago the police wrote: “Please keep away from Don Carter’s area on East State Street. It is still an active situation and the officers continue to clear the area.”

Duke Webb has been identified by the police chief as a resident of the state of Florida and currently an active military member. Online records show that he has past ties with Missouri. It’s unclear why he was at Rockford the day after Christmas. However, family posts on Facebook indicated that they had relatives living in Illinois, including the Rockford area.

According to the obituary, her sister, who is from Sikeston, Missouri, died at the age of 40 in 2019. That obituary says Webb also has a brother. Her brother lives in Illinois, about three hours from Rockford in Glen Carbon.

Online records show that at one point Webb was listed as the title manager for an investment company in Florida. Online registrations also include Webb’s a P.O. The box is attached to Eglin Air Base in Florida.

O’Shea said at a first press conference that he received numerous phone calls about the fires fired in the bowling alley / restaurant.

“The phones were coming. There were multiple victims.” He said three people died and three people were treated at local hospitals. The suspect was immediately detained.

The above video, taken from outside the bowling alley, captured the first responders as well as multiple gunfire.

There are cops everywhere. There are so many gunshots that someone is dead, ”says a man in the video.

Amanda Hollenbeck, who witnessed the mass shoot, told Heavy in an interview: “We went upstairs, ordered our drinks .. and we heard our first shot… It took a minute to register… it was a disaster. Then three more people were shot, a man upstairs … His eyes were dead. We were stuck in a corner. On the balcony… While he was shooting, another shot, four more booms .. 3 more .. one on the balcony was shot behind the tent. I mean, very, very scary. “He didn’t hear the gunman say anything.

According to the chief, there were 20-25 people inside the building at the time of the gunfire. He said he was investigating why Duke Webb was at Rockford.

O’Shea said the police believed the mass fire was “random”. The chief said two pistols were seized at the scene.

“This is obviously an active hit man,” he said, adding that the gunman was still in the building when the police responded. Officers did not fire their weapons. He said he believed that “the suspect who shot the whole shot is in custody with all the guns”.

A survivor named Matt told Rockford Scanner that Don Carter and his girlfriend had just gotten in their way. We were upstairs. The area downstairs was closed due to COVID.

“We ordered our drinks and a few drinks came downstairs,” he said. People started running outside. “Everyone above knew it was a shooter… we all started screaming and we went out onto the back balcony… more shots, more shots. With 5 or 6 people on the phone, the 911 is stuck in a corner. “

He said a police van “just happened to go by.” A man jumped off the balcony to get help. “He hit his head when he landed. And he’s gone.” The dispatchers asked if he could see the shooter.

“Five-10 seconds later, shots rang out on the deck. He shot someone on the deck. There was someone lying on the floor of the bar who was also shot.”

When police escorted people out, “I believe the shooter was still in the building,” Matt said.

Authorities had not yet released the names of the victims, but they did say teenagers were among them. The police chief said those shot and killed were all males, ages 73, 69 and 65.

Those injured were:

A 14-year-old boy who was shot in the face but survived.

A 16-year-old female who was was shot in the shoulder; she has been treated and released from a local hospital.

A 60-year-old male who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, underwent surgery overnight and is in critical condition.

The teenage victims were at the establishment picking up food because it’s also a carry-out establishment.

Jamar Luster, who owns Ripe Life Juice Co., wrote on Facebook, “Last night I watched a young Black man jump out his car with his Dad and run to the police and ambulance with his hands up bc he was shot in the face. They pulled guns on him immediately before he collapsed begging for help Looks like they caught the shooter without a fight tho! Smh!”

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger wrote on Twitter, “Praying for the victims and their families tonight after the heinous attack in our community. As we continue to learn more and hold the responsible party accountable, I want to thank the @RockfordPD for their swift action in apprehending the suspect.”

Mayor Tom McNamara issued this statement to WREX-TV:

I’m angered and saddened by the violence tonight at Don Carter Lanes. My thoughts are with the families of those who lost loved ones. I’m also thinking of those who were injured and my hopes are with them for a quick and full recovery. I appreciate all of our first responders who quickly and heroically arrived to secure the scene. Our investigators have much work ahead of them to determine exactly what happened and who was responsible. Please give the police the space they need to investigate this event and keep all in your prayers.