Eduard Seleznev
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Who is Eduard Seleznev? Wiki, Biography, Age, Early life & Education, Murders, Arrest, Trial And Imprisonment, And Many More Facts You Need To Know


Eduard Valerievich Seleznev was born in 1969. He is known as Arkhangelsk Cannibal, is a Russian serial killer in Arkhangelsk who later killed three drinking buddies whose bodies he dissected and liquefied for consumption. He was previously convicted of double murder in 2002, convicted of these new murders, and sentenced to life imprisonment in a special regime colony.


He is 51 years old.

Early life & Education

Seleznev was born in 1969 in Arkhangelsk. He was sent to a boarding school from an early age and never knew his family. He studied until 8th grade and was described as a slow, uninitiated, and habitual smoker. In 1984, he graduated from a vocational school as a bricklayer, did odd jobs to earn a living and lived in a run-down boarding house. He was convicted of embezzlement several times, and after his release in 2000, now unemployed, Eduard switched between living in unlocked basements and homeless shelters. He was convicted of double murder in 2002 and spent 13 years in prison before being released in September 2015. He returned to live on the streets where he survived by eating and killing cats and dogs, sometimes birds, corpses.


In March 2016, Seleznev killed his first victim, whom he met in the homeless shelter, where he shared the same room. She stabbed the man with a knife, then smashed his remains to pieces with an ax, liquefied some of the remains, then clouded him as he had difficulty eating hardened food due to the lack of teeth. He put the remaining body parts in garbage bags and dumped them into the Volokhnitsa River in the Isagorsk Region. Two years later, in March 2018, Seleznev immediately moved to the house of another man, whom he killed and made cannibals, similar to the first, this time throwing his remains into Butygino Lake in the Mayskaya Gorksa District. She decided to stay at the victim’s home and started working at a local meat processing facility. [1] At one point, the man’s relatives, desperate to contact the missing man, went to the apartment only to find that Eduard was found. When asked about the whereabouts of his roommate, he said that the man was alive and well and that he was offered a job on “something about the forest” in St. He said he moved to St. Petersburg. Seleznev claimed that his family members borrowed a backpack and left 35 thousand rubles for rent and went on his cheerful way. [1] His family members, who were somewhat skeptical of the story, ordered him to clean up the mess he had caused while living there, but while examining the refrigerator, they noticed an odd-looking unpackaged meat on one of the rafts. Seleznev noticed this and explained that this is raw fish. After further investigation, the father of the missing landlord found a jacket with Seleznev’s passport and a bank card bearing the name of the man he did not know. This worried the father, who quickly went to the police, as Eduard claimed he had no personal identity on him before.

Arrest, Trial and Imprisonment

After receiving information about the suspicious findings, the authorities went to the flat and quickly arrested Seleznev. He was brought back to the police station for questioning and, after several interrogations, immediately admitted that he had killed, smashed and ate the remains of three drinking buddies he had met in the past two years. All of them were stabbed in their sleep and then cut to pieces with an ax, their remains were cannibalized and others dumped into water bodies around Arkhangelsk. [3] When asked why, Eduard claimed that after eating so many animals he began to develop a craving for human flesh, and also claimed that a voice (or sounds) ordered him to kill and consume people. Due to the seriousness of his crimes, he was sent to psychiatric examination, which was determined to be sane and aware of his actions, despite the allegations that he heard voices. [one] Seleznev’s trial started on January 13, 2020. From the very beginning he retracted his confession and demanded a jury trial. [4] Surprisingly, he was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in a special regime colony, and had to pay one million rubles as extradition to the victims’ family members.