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Home » Two cafe owners Manmohit Singh Sachdeva and Rohit Mehta are accused of raping a female customer on July 26, 2018

Two cafe owners Manmohit Singh Sachdeva and Rohit Mehta are accused of raping a female customer on July 26, 2018

The two restaurant owners allegedly separated the woman from her daughter and then raped her when the teenager yelled to be allowed through the locked doors.

Rohit Mehta and Manmohit Singh Sachdeva, former co-owners of Hangout on Preston in Como, Perth, are charged with alleged rape on July 26, 2018.

Mehta was accused of raping a woman, and Sachdeva of “aiding” his colleague, reports The West Australian.

Mother was raped by former co-owners of Hangout on Preston in Como, south Perth in July 2018. The men, Rohit Mehta and Manmohit Singh Sachdeva, are currently facing a district court on several charges, which they deny.

Both men denied the charges on the first day of the jury trial, which is ongoing.

Their lawyers argued that the woman said she could not remember the ordeal, wanted a threesome, and pretended to be unconscious because she was embarrassed.

The Perth District Court heard that Mehta’s DNA was found in a rape kit swab taken from a woman.

The woman and her 18-year-old daughter went to a cafe for dinner with drinks, and in the evening Mehta and Sachdeva joined them and another man and invited them to continue drinking, as was known in court.

The cafe co-owners allegedly served drinks to the group for several hours, including glasses of tequila.

In the evening, the daughter was upset due to the intoxication of her mother and tried to force her to leave.

State Attorney Lindsay Rosenthal claimed the couple forced the teen to go outside, where Mehta said he would “take care” of her mother, and Sachdeva reassured her not to worry before going back inside.

The court heard that the alleged victim’s “panicked” daughter was blocked from the cafe and left to charge her phone and call her grandmother, who returned with her to the meeting point and was eventually allowed inside, where they found a woman with naked men

The daughter told the police that she packed up and tried to go back inside, but found that the door was locked, Mr. Rosenthal told the court.

The court heard that she tried to go back inside and then returned home in a “panic” state, where she had to charge her phone before calling her grandmother.

The grandmother and daughter returned to the cafe, where they heard a noise and called to let in.

When there was no answer, they shouted and shouted, threatening to call the police – and they were finally allowed inside.

Mr Rosenthal said two women ran inside and found their mother unconscious under the covers, and her underwear was pushed back to expose her breasts and vagina.

The Perth District Court heard that the Hangout on Preston co-owners served drinks for several hours to a group that included the alleged victim and her daughter prior to the alleged rape.

The court heard that two women saw Sachdev naked and Mehta in her underwear next to her mother.

The daughter was unable to wake her mother, so an ambulance was called and she was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital, where she recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.250.

The court was told that the woman had sex with Mehta by mutual consent of his lawyer Michael Perrella, who added that she was “flirting” with his client.

Mehta denied the woman’s rape charges.

Mr. Perrella also told the court that she was so embarrassed when her mother and daughter came in that she “pretended” to be unconscious.

Through his lawyer, Anthony Ayers, Sachdev denied helping and abetting the alleged rape and said it was an honest but mistaken belief that the woman had consented to sex.

The trial continues on Tuesday.